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Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

2023 Nov Party With A Purpose
2023  OCT Homeless Out Outreach

Youth Build programs give at-risk youth ages 16-24 the opportunity to transform their lives by earning their high school diploma or state-recognized equivalency degree, learning to be community leaders, and preparing for college and other post-secondary training opportunities.

WIOA Youth Program Fact Sheet (July 2020) 


Under Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, formula funds are provided to states and outlying areas, states in turn provide local workforce areas resources to deliver a comprehensive array of youth services that focus on assisting out-of-school youth and in-school youth with one or more barriers to employment prepare for post-secondary education and employment opportunities, attain educational and/or skills training credentials, and secure employment with career/promotional opportunities. 

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of The Judicial System

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